Take A Peek

Odds are that you may like to see what XHTML Doclet is capable of creating before you take the time to download and run it. We hear you. In fact, we planned for this before you even said a thing. Both of these examples are API documentation of XHTML Doclet itself. (You're sure to find out all the dirty secrets sometime anyway, so we figured you should hear it from us first.)

Here is some sample XHTML Doclet output, created with a recent revision of the code.

Compare it to the standard doclet output if you like, and see the differences for yourself.

It Still Ain't Pretty…

Since XHTML Doclet is still not yet near complete, the output is accordingly rough around the edges. Currently, the CSS is pretty ugly, since the focus is on structure and visualizing changes. Still, we'd love for you to take a look.

As development progresses, this page will be updated semi-regularly. We hope you'll share your constructive feedback with us to help make XHTML Doclet even better!