The Problem

Javadoc is an extremely useful tool for automatically generating API documentation, but the standard output has always been somewhat lacking in flexibility of format and appearance. Wouldn't it be great to make Javadoc look more like you want it to? Maybe even use those new-fangled "web standards" the young'uns keep talking about? The truth is, the standard Javadoc HTML output is starting to show its age, both inside and out.

The Solution

XHTML Doclet is a doclet for use with Javadoc, intended as a modern alternative to the Standard doclet. It creates valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional markup and provides better hooks for more flexible CSS styling. The focus is on creating intelligent document structure without any inline styling, resulting in greater freedom to change the appearance of all the files, either site-wide or for certain types of pages.

Quick Start

Download v0.4

download jar file

To integrate XHTML Doclet with your current Javadoc, you must first download the JAR file.

If running Javadoc from the command line, add the following options:

-doclet net.sourceforge.xhtmldoclet.Doclet  -docletpath {local path}/XHTML_Doclet.jar

If using an Ant Javadoc task, add the following tag nested inside the <javadoc> tag:

<doclet name="net.sourceforge.xhtmldoclet.Doclet" path="{local path}/XHTML_Doclet.jar"/>

(To get the exact JAR path for your system, you can double-click the JAR file once you've saved it on your machine.)

Frequent Questions

Please consult the FAQ page before sending an email loaded with questions. Hopefully, most common questions are addressed there, and feedback on what questions/answers would be useful to include is appreciated.

Project Updates

This site is designed to provide an overview of XHTML Doclet and help familarize users with the functionality. News items, updates, source code, bug & feature tracking, etc. are accessible through the SourceForge page for this project.